So appreciate Chloe Sarbib’s commentary on MOVIE-MADE JEWS as well as the opportunity to answer her smart, fun questions about the book!

Movie-Made Jews is “a must-read for any Jewish cinephiles,” writes Emily Burack in Hey Alma’s September roundup of Jewish books of note

Read a pre-publication review of Movie-Made Jews in Houston’s Jewish Herald Voice: “Ways of Seeing Jewish Movies.”

It was SO much fun to respond to Dr. Meile Bridges’s great questions about MOVIE-MADE JEWS. And I’ll use any opportunity I get to sing the praises of the amazing folks at Southwestern University’s Smith Library. Read the SU feature story here.

Available for pre-order now from Rutgers University Press

By selectively revisiting canonical pre-1990 films and amply representing films of the new millennium, Movie-Made Jews illuminates an American Jewish film tradition that includes jazz singers, pawnbrokers, and serious men. It also features those who tremble before G-d, who commit crimes and misdemeanors, who declare Hineini, Here I Am, who do whatever works, who leave and then return to Delancey Street and Liberty Heights. In these pages, those who might be identified as “just Jews” reside
alongside those who are traditionally—and sometimes untraditionally—observant.